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"Tabula Rasa is a finely produced and written album. Fans of Americana in general should queue this one up...words and melodies which hit at your heart."
Jaime Funk
Divide and Conquer Music, UK

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Tabula Rasa

Jim's newest album, Tabula Rasa, is now available at all your favorite online music outlets!

With the long-anticipated arrival of his third album, Tabula Rasa, Jim resets his musical compass and shows us another side of his creativity, while still retaining his classic sonic signature. Always honest, always real, with subtle tinges of Tom Petty, Paul Simon, The Wallflowers and Mark Knopfler peeking out from behind strong melodies and creative lyrics.

When asked about the curious title for his new album Jim confides, “Moving from Austin to Arizona, in a sense, wiped the music slate clean for me. I didn’t feel compelled to fit into any certain genre mold anymore. Hence the album’s title, Tabula Rasa, which is the interesting theory that we’re all born without any built-in mental content, a blank slate so to speak, and that all our knowledge comes from our experiences and perceptions.

If the theory of tabula rasa is valid and perceptions and experiences count for everything, then experiencing Jim’s songs on Tabula Rasa should definitely be on everyone’s content list. With the exception of the drums, played brilliantly by Austin’s Brandon Storms, Jim performed all the instruments and vocals on the album, as well as producing, mixing and mastering. “Doing all the work myself definitely contributed to the album’s 11-year time-frame,” laughs Halfpenny, “but it also allowed me a level of quality-control that I’ve never had in past recording projects. Our semi-forced confinement due to the pandemic did have a small bright side for me, I guess.”


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Here’s the first video from the new album, Tabula Rasa. Footage for the FOLKS BACK HOME was shot this summer in and around our hometown of Brawley, CA (Go Wildcats!). The idea behind the video was conceived by my lovely wife, Laurie, and she and I produced and co-directed. I did the (jittery) camera work on a combination of iPhone, DSLR, FlipCam and a DJI drone that I almost crashed or lost at least five times in various fields, canals and feedlots. It was a blast to shoot though. We enlisted the support and help of a small gaggle of our high school buds who made it a fun day of filming and touring ‘The Valley’, all packed into a Jeep with the video gear - a steaming 118 degrees outside. Make sure to watch closely, those close friends make quick cameos in the video – thanks Rick, Ray and Nancy! Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoy it!

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John Doe
"A great tribute to the American farmer."
Cody Parker
Farmer, Parker Hay - Buckeye, AZ


Jim Halfpenny has been a professional film composer and songwriter for more than 20 years. His composing credits include the original scores for over 25 feature length films, music for a Discovery Channel series and jingles for national TV and radio ads. Jim’s stylishly diverse songs have been placed in feature films, cable and network TV programs and a musical production for the stage. His unmistakable sound uniquely blends folk, rock, pop and country and his music has garnered postive press reviews from as far away as the United Kingdom. Now, with the long-anticipated arrival of his newest album Tabula Rasa, Jim resets his musical compass and shows us another side of his creativity.

"Halfpenny writes deep, thought provoking lyrics...one of the better singer/songwriter albums that have come my way."
Maria Mesa
Austin Daze Magazine

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News Updates

Work on my newest album, TABULA RASA, is finally finished and the official Release Date was August 27, 2021. Tabula Rasa is available, just like my previous albums, at all the usual on-line music outlets like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and more!

FOLKS BACK HOME, the first music video from Tabula Rasa, premiered Friday, August 20th and it’s getting exceptional comments from tons of folks. Thanks, everyone, for watching and for your words of encouragement. Haven’t seen it yet!?! Go check it out, on this website and YouTube!

Work on my next album (as yet to be titled) is currently under way. Drum and bass tracks have been completed for the album’s 12 tracks and a few instruments have been recorded as well. Right now were looking at a spring/summer 2022 release. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

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"Although compared to the likes of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Dave Matthews; Halfpenny clearly stands his own ground and creates a sound that is sure to pull you in close and keep you listening for the long haul."
Zack McKinney
Austin Live.com