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Here’s the first video from the new album, Tabula Rasa.  Footage for FOLKS BACK HOME was shot this summer in and around our hometown of Brawley, CA (Go Wildcats!). The idea behind the video was conceived by my lovely wife, Laurie, and she and I produced and co-directed. I did the (jittery) camera work on a combination of iPhone, DSLR, FlipCam and a DJI drone that I almost crashed or lost at least five times in various fields, canals and feedlots. It was a blast to shoot though. We enlisted the support and help of a small gaggle of our high school buds who made it a fun day of filming and touring ‘The Valley’, all packed in a Jeep with the video gear – a steaming 118 degrees outside. Make sure to watch closely, those close friends make quick cameos in the video – thanks Rick, Ray and Nancy! Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you all enjoy it! – Jim

"A great tribute to the American farmer."
Cody Parker
Farmer, Parker Hay - Buckeye, AZ

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"Halfpenny has managed to build a bridge between generations and has produced a piece of work that will take you back to your roots, no matter what they may be."
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